The Trexco Story

We might have different backgrounds but at Trexco we have very similar goals and aspirations.

Omar Holguin and Yin Wang are the directors of Trexco. Despite very different backgrounds, their goals and aspirations are very similar. Originally founded by Omar, the pair met in 2011 when Yin applied for an internship at Trexco. Both are driven by the desire to simplify the shipping process for small businesses and individuals.

  • Portrait

    Omar Holguin

    Omar is a triathlete, mountaineer, motorcyclist, track cyclist, runner, and very bad swimmer! Having worked in pizza delivery, courier service, IT consultancy and at a motorcycle magazine, his work history is almost as large as his list of hobbies! Omar decided to start a business in the IT sector installing and developing IT networks for various Latin-American embassies and hotels in London. In 2007, after a very bad shipping experience, he changed career once more and founded Trexco. Omar spends most of his free time running and cycling around London or cleaning his bicycles!

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    Yin Wang

    Yin studied his masters degree on International Shipping at Plymouth University. Previously he has worked as a waiter and in the kitchen at restaurants, but unfortunately he's still as bad at cooking as he ever was! Since then Yin has worked in the tourism industry as a travel agent before moving over to Trexco. He rapidly helped the company grow by up to 30% and acquired part of the company in the process. Today you will find him playing table tennis and track cycling, as well as listening to cheesy and romantic Chinese music!