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trexco is a practical and affordable shipping solution to all over the world, sending from the UK and Spain to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.


Trexco have simplified shipping by using an easy, convenient way to pack, store, and move your cargo - all at the same time!


Place an order

Pick the trexco pallet boxes you need for your shipment and book the delivery and collection date.


Start packing

Pack your shipment on the Trexx pallet boxes, start packing the heavy stuff first and fragile on the top, seal and label the box.


Arrange collection

Choose the collection date a driver will load your Trexx-Box with a pallet truck and it will get shipped to your destination.

shipping with confidence

We have secured competitive shipping rates to many destinations around the world, from air, road or sea shipment. We have over 17 years of experience as freight forwarders.